Thursday, 22 September 2016

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So,  my name is John Doe, or at least it is for this anyway.

I am a student somewhere in England, currently not learning any form of computer coding or language based course but something not so different.
I have always had a fondness for computers and the way they communicate from one another, if it's a laptop, a phone or a calculator. The bizarre and inept ability they store within themselves to do be able to somehow speak makes the whole computing world quite interesting.

My actual course involves python, a programming language that I have heard whisperings of in the great wide (small) world that we are all currently engaged in and way past beta testing: because the whisperings of the language has been placed around, I always wanted to be able to communicate with computers.

From a young age I have found them great because if there was something wrong, or the computer was not doing what you expected it to, it is probably your fault.
There is no pushing of blame, there is no shift of responsibility and they, a lot of the time if you know what you are looking at and or for it shows you.

I could always find the virus that popped up on my tower when I was a kid, help someone find the right thing they were looking for on the Internet, teach someone how to use a piece of software no problem and it all sunk in pretty well but I was never told truly about what programming was, or how you could get involved in it.

So about ten or twelve years later, I learnt about all these different languages; Java, HTML, Python, C, C+, CSS, Binary and my mind exploded with the possibilities I could produce with all of these different things, the combinations of what I could do.

Then I started watching the very popular Mr Robot, and looking into the source code for WhatsApp and what their solution of the anonymity problem and I was once again, breath taken, I needed to learn how to do the stuff that these guys were doing, I could become apart of the next robotics team, or help create the next super phone, be apart of the technological evolution of the human race.

That's when I decided, I am going to start it.

This is a blog about me, and my progression with coding, developing and hopefully mechanical production, each upload will either be what I've learnt about coding in python, or maybe another language, what I have made with an Arduino or rather for me Genuino, maybe even some raspberry pi stuff. It will be consistent (hopefully) and might also involve some of my own university work.

I am learning, and will continue to learn for as long as I can, the process is continuous and the loop might be finite but it will happen, nonetheless.

Enjoy the blog if you are reading, this is for me but if you do read it, please. Enjoy and don't forget to poke me if I am wrong or might do better somewhere else.

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