Friday, 23 September 2016

Print len(python) from datetime import datetime

This evening has been a mix of strings, integers, different processes and understanding how to be able to store the dates and time of the scripts you are constructing is something I find poetically beautiful and brings the artistry into coding.
A rather technical and logical thought process is needed in creating what you desire to be done but this, it records what you have done, it shows where the error is, it shows the initial humanity in the computing architecture we are making.

from datetime import datetime

now =

print now.year
print now.month
print now.hour
print now.minute
print now.second

All showing exactly what day, date, month. Now I am intreguied to see how I will be able to find my own location, ping it out and see what pings back.

If anyone knows how this will work, I am very interested into knowing how

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