Thursday, 22 September 2016

print ("Hello world!")

So, a lot of this will actually seem like it's a bunch of tutorials that I will be regurgitating from, and whatever other code resource you can find.

Because... It is, this is me recording my process and seeing what each part of the code will produce.

Starting from any python resource the same as any mmorpg tutorial, the grinding of rats becomes the initial print ("Hello world!")

This got me initially thinking on how the pull of python has gotten me wanting to code.

The first tutorial is not just simple, basic and anyone who has the ability to type using a keyboard can do it, so, why can you not carry on doing it? But, doesn't this also make an illusion of how simple coding actually is, will people get annoyed and angry at how quickly Moore's law kicks in, each step increasing with difficulty quite quickly.

Unlike 3d software, animating, building hardware the level of complexity seems to always be quite steady and is only as complex as the task at hand yet coding, developing and hacking, they all seem to be varying incredibly at the level of difficulty.

Hello, World!

The initial steps show you how to set a step to a variable.

x = 1
if x == 1
    print "x is 1"

this obviously means, if x is equal to 1, print 1.

But yet if you go into IDLE.

x = 1
if x == 1
    print "x is 1"

SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'

Is what you will see, and the same I have seen with code academy. Does this mean the online services are not updated regularly or that the skills are that easily transferable with you don't necessarily need to know what each update of the python interpreter or do they see the update as vital?

I have only just started learning so I am going to keep on going but yet this does not seem to be something that should have been looked over so easily. I have abandoned the website but gone to code academy instead.

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